Each of our homes offer a variety of activities and events, keeping our residents active and their minds engaged

High Quality Entertainment

Keep the mind active and the body engaged with a variety of events and activities all from within our homes.


Staying Active

Staying active isn’t just fun, but also crucial to your wellbeing. Keeping physically fit is a great method of improving mental health and fall prevention.
We provide regular physical exercises for our residents, from Yoga classes to sit-down aerobics.


Getting Out & About

We know that our residents want to remain as independent as possible, and that’s why we’re here to help them do so. Our homes are conveniently located near to local amenities and attractions. We can support all residents with any outings requested.


Pastimes & Hobbies

Whether you have an existing hobby, or you’d like to try something new, our teams are here to help you discover a whole world of fascinating pastimes and share in them with those around you.

Activities include gardening lubs, chess tournaments, baking, and painting, to name but a few!